Welcome to Steve Gubbins Studios

CoveredSteve Gubbins Studios is an independent professional photography studio and portrait specialist.

Providing portrait photography of the highest standards, browse our galleries to see the range and quality of our work. Families and groups in our studio in Warnham or on location, individual portfolios, business portraits and more.

For 30 years we’ve been increasing our outstanding reputation. We produce award-winning photography. We’re innovative and creative, in keeping with today’s fashion and lifestyle. Our clients agree, as proved by their testimonials.

Portrait Photography

Excellent portrait photography combines a number of skills and experience. The photographer must build a rapport in order to show the very essence of a client’s personality. The session must incorporate carefully selected lighting techniques to suit the type of portrait – from high-key contemporary to powerful contrast images.  An artistic and creative eye ensures the final images delight the client.

Portraiture is a talent that must be honed through experience. Steve Gubbins Studios specialise in professional portrait photography.

When you need more than a photograph, when you want to invest in portrait photography that captures you (the real you), when you want a lasting image, then portrait photgraphy from Steve Gubbins Studios will impress.

The Photography Studio

You can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome at our studio in Warnham (near Horsham). We care about you and take time to understand your individual needs. Your portrait session will be relaxed, interesting and fun – our clients love what we do and how we do it.

Your Photographs

Your portrait is unique to you. You demand high quality and that means all photographs are individually printed, mounted and framed. We can help you decide which photographs, how many, sizes and presentation. It’s your portrait.

For flair and expertise needed to produce the portraits you desire,  read more about Steve Gubbins, professional portrait photographer and artist.

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