Steve Gubbins’ Forest of Rainbows Exhibit Now Open

It was a cold and rainy evening on the 6th of December but it was warm and welcoming at the Horsham Museum and Art Gallery. That was when Steve Gubbins opened his art exhibit, Forest of Rainbows. This exhibition features original abstract photographs as well as a collection of his ceramic art.

The event was a great success and he was grateful for all who could attend. There was plenty of champagne to taste while walking through the U shaped glass cabinets that featured his work. There were copious amounts of food catered by the amazing team at Carmela Deli that opened this summer in Horsham Town Centre. Their Italian nibbles were the perfect accompaniment to the evening of art viewing.

In highlighting Forest of Rainbows: the Artistic Work of Steve Gubbins, the Horsham Museum & Art Gallery says, “the exhibition of original photographs also highlights another talent of the modern day alchemist in transforming the windblown leaves and twigs of the woodland carpet into fantastic pieces of ceramics. Steve Gubbins’ exhibition in the Craft gallery showcases a different side of the well-known portrait photographer, one that combines artistic and technical ability.”

museum-5-12-12The exhibition opened on 7 December and will be on display until the end of January. Some of the pieces are available for sale so if you are still looking for the perfect gift, try the gift of art.

For more information, contact Steve.

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Horsham Museum Exhibition by Steve Gubbins

When you visit some of the bigger cities in the world like New York or Paris there are galleries galore with artists exhibiting a variety of wonderful, sometimes quirky art in many different forms.  If  you have the desire for art but don’t have the time to make a long trip, you need to come to the Horsham Museum in December and January for Steve Gubbins’ Exhibition of Ceramic Art and Abstract Photography. This exclusive exhibition of Steve Gubbins work will be opening on Friday 7thDecember 2012 and will be on show right through until the end of January.  As an added bonus, pieces from each of the collections will be available to purchase.  If you are always looking for the perfect gift for the person who has ‘everything’  this could be the answer to all your Christmas shopping problems.  There will be a wide array of Ceramic Art  or you may decide to select  them an example of some Abstract Photography, either one is a unique present that they will always appreciate.

Steve Gubbins is a well known local portrait photographer who has lived and worked in Sussex for most of his life.  He has taken has passion for photography and used this to create incredible pieces of Abstract Photography that challenge your imagination. Abstract Photography is an art-form where a photographer will take an everyday item and then use their imagination and photographic expertise to bend and stretch the image until into new colours and shapes, adding a dimension you may never have imagined.  Mind boggling?  Find out by visiting the exhibition and make up your own mind! Admission to the Horsham Museum is free and the exhibition will be open during normal opening hours from 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.  If you haven’t already been, you can also visit the main museum and see some of Horsham’s history. The museum is located at 9 The Causeway, Horsham RH12 1HE. Contact the Studio for more information.

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Steve Gubbins – Exhibition

Steve Gubbins is delighted to announce that selected works from his Ceramic Art and Abstract Photography collections will be going into a ‘One-Man Show’ style exhibition at the Horsham Museum & Art Gallery.  This exhibition will be on display at the museum from Friday 7th December and items from both collections will be available to view and purchase right through until January.

Steve Gubbins – Artist

Warnham based Steve Gubbins has been a photographer for over 30 years and is best known for his fine portrait photography, but after attending an art course in Cyprus three years ago he found he was drawn to abstract forms of expression. Steve enjoys the process of taking an everyday item  or piece from nature and using techniques with lighting and exposure to create amazing pieces of Abstract Photography.

Also in the exhibition will be an exclusive choice of his Ceramic Art. Steve’s ceramics are worked in porcelain and he takes much of his inspiration from the local Sussex landscape and coastline.

The Venue

Steve Gubbins Exhibition will be shown at Horsham Museum  & Art Gallery which is has more to offer than you would think!  This superb centre has grown from a small museum into a vital part of the Horsham Town centre and contains visitor information, a shop, activities for children and much, much more. It is housed in a medieval  timber-framed building at the head of The Causeway, which must be one of the most picturesque streets in Sussex.  It is a treat for all visitors young or old.

This exciting solo exhibition of Steve Gubbins’ work comes just in time for the Christmas season and will be an excellent  opportunity to find a gift that will be thought provoking and unique for your friends, colleagues and loved ones. If you would like to come along and see the exhibition the museum is located at 9 The Causeway, Horsham RH12 1HE and is open from Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. Admission is Free.

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Abstract Art–Not as Scary as You Think!

What comes to mind when you think of abstract art? Pablo Picasso? Salvador Dali?

Yes, they are masters of the abstract but not all abstract art means three eyes and melting clocks. When an artist creates an abstract piece—they may want to express something about their inner thoughts and emotions. They may want to reveal what is going on in their heads, their hearts, and their lives at the time of creation.

Or—they may simply want a new way to look at something.

Steve Gubbins’ collection of sidewalk photographs were taken in a location that has been photographed time and time again….the neon lights, the larger than life signs, and a landmark structure are all well known. With all that to see, have you ever stopped to look at your feet?

Or more accurately, look under your feet? Steve Gubbins did.

He was captivated by what he saw on the wet ground below. The light danced across the concrete with colour bending and curving against the geometric shapes carved in the pavement. He just knew he had to capture it on film.


That is abstract art!

Abstract art doesn’t need to be scary. It doesn’t have to be something with such deep rooted meaning that causes hours of discussion. It can be–but there is more out there.

Art is for the viewer; it is what ever you want it to be.

Open your eyes, open your mind and view the world from a new perspective. Start simply by looking under your feet.

For more information contact Steve.

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Steve Gubbins Studios supports The Children’s Trust

Steve Gubbins was honoured to have one of his family portrait sessions included in the fundraising auction for The Children’s Trust Tadworth.

In his 30 year career, Steve Gubbins believes family portraits are some of his most important work. Family portraits capture a moment in time for the family but that portrait becomes a lasting heirloom for generations to come.  Steve believes that to capture the best family portrait, you must create a fun experience for the whole family and that is where you capture the true essence of a family.

The Children’s Trust Tadworth is a national charity that works with children with brain injuries, multiple disabilities, and complex health needs. They are located in Tadworth, Surrey, but they offer their services to children in need all across the United Kingdom

Ruth Hazlehurst, Special Events Co-ordinator at the Trust said, “It was a wonderful evening and I would like to thank everyone involved…early indications suggest that the event has generated over £10,000 for the Trust. We are very grateful to the companies who donated auction prizes.”

Steve Gubbins knows first hand what it means to overcome adversity being a cancer survivor himself. His fight sparked a devotion to helping those around him and assisting in raising charity funds.  He has set a personal goal to raise over £200,000 for local charities through donation of Family Portrait and Makeover sessions. His generosity has helped many organisations including Cancer Research UK, St. Catherine’s Hospice, and Make A Wish United Kingdom.

For more information about Steve’s charity work or to book your own family portrait, contact Steve Gubbins Studios.

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Family Portrait session – testimonial

Another lovely testimonial received after a Family Portrait session:

The photos arrived safely and the framer did a good job.

They are so lovely especially the family one and, dare I say it, the big one of me.  Lord knows where we will hang it but it is really, really wonderful – thank you.

Thank you for this photo and for making me look so lovely and ageless – the trouble is now I think I need you to be by my side all the time so that I always look that good!!

Anyway, I have already recommended you to a friend of mine who was very jealous of the photo of me. I have had so many nice comments about it already.

Have a great weekend Steve and thank you once again. 


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Business Headshots: Image really is everything

By now you know the importance of having a professionally shot business headshot for your business. A simple point and shoot by your colleague will just not hold its weight in today’s business climate. Consumers are looking for professional and high quality when it comes to any marketing material for your business…and that includes your business headshot.

Have you thought about your business image? What are you trying to say to potential clients and customers? Your business image can be just as powerful as your brand. What’s the difference? Your brand is what people see and automatically think of your business. The brand can be a logo, a photo, a tagline. The image is the emotional or psychological response. When I see that brand, what image comes to mind?

For example, when you see the curling C of Cadbury, you think chocolate company. But you may also think, long history, english heritage, fair-trade business. That’s the image. The image can be just as powerful as the brand so it is important to think of both when using imagery–even your own lifeless–in association with your business.

When thinking of your business headshots, yes, you must think of your brand and how your headshot is going to match your brand. You also must think of the image your headshot is going to project. Your brand and your image must always work together.

This is where a professionally shot business headshot can make the difference. With the proper use of camera angle, appropriate lighting, your pose or position, and the background, not only will an impressive photo be captured, but the right image can be conveyed.

Contact us for more information or to book your business headshot photo shoot and capture the right image for your business and your brand.

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Gatwick Diamond Business Association

Steve Gubbins – a magician with lights!

We’re in the Gatwick Diamond Business Association September update, page 6:

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Business Headshots, a vital part of your brand

Business headshots are a vital part of the marketing success for every company and a business headshot needs to have the right professional look that gives you the extra edge over your competition.  To achieve the best business headshot, you need more than just a guy with a camera,  or a quick snap from an iPhone,  you need a skilled professional who knows about all the most important aspects of making your Business headshot stand out from the crowd.

Business Headshots – what makes them stand out?

So what will make your business headshot better than the rest? The four major features are Angle, Lighting, Pose and Background, but teamed with these you also need a professional photographer who has experience and training to make sure that your Business Headshots are presented in a way that is consistent with the brand that you are marketing.

Business branding is now a huge part of every company’s marketing strategy and most businesses understand and keep a standard of branding in all elements of their websites, brochures, business cards and other literature. We live in a world where people buy from people and your literature and websites that feature Business Headshots need to reflect your industry, your brand and the sense of who the people are being translated into a visual message.

Steve Gubbins Studios is an experienced professional photographer skilled at producing business headshots and will work with you either in the Studio or on site at your offices.  We can produce a series of photographs for you to select the most appropriate for different situations – websites and printed material.  As a professional photographer you also have the added confidence that if you ever lose your digital master copy we also keep an archive of our work if you ever need to retrieve them in the future.

View some of our work and then contact us today to make a booking.

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GDBA Update

Steve Gubbins Studios are in the news again, this time in the Gatwick Diamond Business Association August update.

For your own abstract photograph, browse the art section.

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