Steve Gubbins’ Inspiration for Abstract Art – Old Trees Create New Art

In the heart of the South Downs, near Chichester, lies Kingley Vale Trail. This trail leads to the finest yew tree forest in Western Europe. This forest is home to some of the oldest living things in Britain—a collection of ancient yews.

When you look at a tree, perhaps you admire the height of the tree, the breadth of its branches as it reaches to the skies. But have you ever thought of admiring its roots? Steve Gubbins did and from the roots of these ancient trees, created brilliant pieces of art.

img_17-1031-incoming  Steve’s abstract collection, which was part of his Forest of Rainbows collection, shows the beauty and depth that a root can hold. The texture and colour comes from the base of these majestic trees and allows you to see the inner beauty of the tree.

Steve has fallen in love with the Kingley Vale Trail and has visited on several occasions—always finding something new to capture from multiple vantage points. Steve always looks at the world in a different way and that is what allows him to create such lasting art.

For more information, contact Steve.

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