Ceramic Inspiration for Steve Gubbins—turning tragedy to beauty

Since working with clay and creating beautiful works of art with hishands, Steve Gubbins has created dozens of unique pieces. Each one has its own story and each piece is one of kind. But does an artist have a favourite?

Steve does. His favourite piece is entitled, “In God’s Hands,” and it was a custom design that Steve created for a very special friend. This friend had gone through a personal heartbreak that no family should have to face. A young woman, left abandoned by the tragic death of her husband and was facing raising their young child alone.

Steve was so moved by the sadness that struck his friend’s life and it was that emotion that pushed him to create “In God’s Hands.”


The sphere in the middle represents the poor child that will grow up not knowing her father. Surrounding her are the loving arms of her mother that will do everything she can to protect her daughter. Finally, embracing them both, are the wings of God as his spirit shines around them.

Steve’s art is currently on display at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery where you can see his work up close and learn more about his artistic expressions.

If you would like more information or would like to make one Steve’s ceramic pieces a part of your home or office, please contact Steve.


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