2013 is the year for ART!


It is unavoidable. When an old year ends and a new years is about to start, we all take time to reflect on the changes we which to make over the next 52 weeks of our life.

Some of those changes will be to take things out of our life…a few pounds, a few indulgences, a few bad decisions.  Other resolutions will be to add to our life such as bringing something new and different or reinstating an old interest.


As the clock bongs twelve on 31 December, why not resolve to add some colour into your world and open your eyes to what a piece of art can do to brighten your year. Art can make a lasting impression that will change your year from the same it has always been to something new and exciting. It can add colour, texture, mystery, and adventure all at the same time through one abstract or ceramic work of art.

Steve Gubbins has taken his well-known photography talent and has positioned himself as an artist with exhibitions in various galleries where his work is sold to the highly interested public. Steve has created a collection of abstract photography and ceramic art that will bring a new life to your home and your new year.

For more information on his work, contact Steve. What ever you resolve to do in 2013, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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