Steve Gubbins – Exhibition

Steve Gubbins is delighted to announce that selected works from his Ceramic Art and Abstract Photography collections will be going into a ‘One-Man Show’ style exhibition at the Horsham Museum & Art Gallery.  This exhibition will be on display at the museum from Friday 7th December and items from both collections will be available to view and purchase right through until January.

Steve Gubbins – Artist

Warnham based Steve Gubbins has been a photographer for over 30 years and is best known for his fine portrait photography, but after attending an art course in Cyprus three years ago he found he was drawn to abstract forms of expression. Steve enjoys the process of taking an everyday item  or piece from nature and using techniques with lighting and exposure to create amazing pieces of Abstract Photography.

Also in the exhibition will be an exclusive choice of his Ceramic Art. Steve’s ceramics are worked in porcelain and he takes much of his inspiration from the local Sussex landscape and coastline.

The Venue

Steve Gubbins Exhibition will be shown at Horsham Museum  & Art Gallery which is has more to offer than you would think!  This superb centre has grown from a small museum into a vital part of the Horsham Town centre and contains visitor information, a shop, activities for children and much, much more. It is housed in a medieval  timber-framed building at the head of The Causeway, which must be one of the most picturesque streets in Sussex.  It is a treat for all visitors young or old.

This exciting solo exhibition of Steve Gubbins’ work comes just in time for the Christmas season and will be an excellent  opportunity to find a gift that will be thought provoking and unique for your friends, colleagues and loved ones. If you would like to come along and see the exhibition the museum is located at 9 The Causeway, Horsham RH12 1HE and is open from Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. Admission is Free.

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