Business Headshots: Image really is everything

By now you know the importance of having a professionally shot business headshot for your business. A simple point and shoot by your colleague will just not hold its weight in today’s business climate. Consumers are looking for professional and high quality when it comes to any marketing material for your business…and that includes your business headshot.

Have you thought about your business image? What are you trying to say to potential clients and customers? Your business image can be just as powerful as your brand. What’s the difference? Your brand is what people see and automatically think of your business. The brand can be a logo, a photo, a tagline. The image is the emotional or psychological response. When I see that brand, what image comes to mind?

For example, when you see the curling C of Cadbury, you think chocolate company. But you may also think, long history, english heritage, fair-trade business. That’s the image. The image can be just as powerful as the brand so it is important to think of both when using imagery–even your own lifeless–in association with your business.

When thinking of your business headshots, yes, you must think of your brand and how your headshot is going to match your brand. You also must think of the image your headshot is going to project. Your brand and your image must always work together.

This is where a professionally shot business headshot can make the difference. With the proper use of camera angle, appropriate lighting, your pose or position, and the background, not only will an impressive photo be captured, but the right image can be conveyed.

Contact us for more information or to book your business headshot photo shoot and capture the right image for your business and your brand.

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