Business Headshots, a vital part of your brand

Business headshots are a vital part of the marketing success for every company and a business headshot needs to have the right professional look that gives you the extra edge over your competition.  To achieve the best business headshot, you need more than just a guy with a camera,  or a quick snap from an iPhone,  you need a skilled professional who knows about all the most important aspects of making your Business headshot stand out from the crowd.

Business Headshots – what makes them stand out?

So what will make your business headshot better than the rest? The four major features are Angle, Lighting, Pose and Background, but teamed with these you also need a professional photographer who has experience and training to make sure that your Business Headshots are presented in a way that is consistent with the brand that you are marketing.

Business branding is now a huge part of every company’s marketing strategy and most businesses understand and keep a standard of branding in all elements of their websites, brochures, business cards and other literature. We live in a world where people buy from people and your literature and websites that feature Business Headshots need to reflect your industry, your brand and the sense of who the people are being translated into a visual message.

Steve Gubbins Studios is an experienced professional photographer skilled at producing business headshots and will work with you either in the Studio or on site at your offices.  We can produce a series of photographs for you to select the most appropriate for different situations – websites and printed material.  As a professional photographer you also have the added confidence that if you ever lose your digital master copy we also keep an archive of our work if you ever need to retrieve them in the future.

View some of our work and then contact us today to make a booking.

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