Style and Makeover Portfolios

Style and Makeover Portfolios are a must for anyone who is aspiring to build a career in the modelling or acting world and the portfolio that you present when looking for work has to be the best quality with the best photographs.  Steve Gubbins Studios has over 30 years experience in photography in all types of mediums from Abstract Photography to Family Portraits, and we can also produce Style and Makeover Portfolios that will showcase you in a number of poses and styles that will show all your different “looks”.

A strong portfolio will be one of the most important tools that you will use to market yourself when casting opportunities are available.  The Style and Makeover Portfolio you carry needs to show you in a number of poses and moods from vibrant, relaxed, thoughtful and essentially, just showing you at your best. We want you to have a portfolio that is your tool for promoting your personality and winning you work.

A Unique Gift

A Style and Makeover Portfolio can also be a unique gift to give to those very difficult to buy for teens.  We can offer a photographic session that will give them a taste of the glamorous lifestyle that is lived by the celebrities we see in all our favourite magazines. It also offers the extra element of excitement over the usual gifts and will give them a series of innovative and creative photographs that will give them happy memories for many years to come.

Whether you need the photographs for a professional portfolio or would just like to have an exclusive set of signature images to enjoy as an individual gift, contact Steve Gubbins Studios today to arrange for a consultation and we can take you through all the details of your sitting to ensure that you get the session that best suits you.

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