Family Portraits – why come to a professional?

Family Portraits, Children’s Portraits even Business Headshots, so often these days photography is considered to be a very cheap pastime so why come to a professional? This is becoming a very common question for photographers and a subject where we would like to give you some good reasons to think about why you could benefit from having your Family Portrait made by a professional photographer.

When you go to a photographers’ studio for your Family Portrait you will go through a comprehensive experience with professional who has invested the time to train and has the extra equipment that enables them to give your Family Portraits that extra “Wow” factor that you would struggle to achieve at home.

  • Consultation – We can give you advice on all aspects of the sitting, including clothing, makeup and style of portrait
  • Props – our studio itself is our most useful and effective prop, anything from the endless white background to a range of colours that we can set up with different items to style your portrait
  • Pose – we have had years of experience with different sized groups and can position individual people or large groups to achieve the best look for each person
  • Lighting – ensuring that all the colour contrasts are exactly right
  • Post production work – removing blemishes , colour corrections and retouching
  • Finish – all portraits are presented in high quality inks and papers designed to last. We can also help you decide on sizes and framing
  • Archiving – all our photographic work is archived and can be retrieved at a future date

A professional photographer is an artist and can provide you with a Family Portrait that will be a legacy for your family to pass down for generations to come. If you would like to book for a consultation why not give us a call today.

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