A Children’s Portrait

This month why not think about a unique day out in Horsham and book your child in for a Children’s Portrait session while they are on their summer holiday break?  A Children’s Portrait is a wonderful opportunity for your child to spend some time having fun doing something a little bit different from the usual holiday activities. Our studio is already well known for our award winning Family Portraits and for taking exceptional Business Headshots, but we are also becoming recognised for our original ideas when it comes to taking Children’s Portraits.

Steve Gubbins Studios

At Steve Gubbins Studios we don’t just pose a child head on,  or put a group of siblings all in a line, we have come up with some innovative ideas that will make your Children’s Portrait really stand out.  As with all the portraits we produce at the studio, they are finished to a very high standard and we can help you choose the best mounts and frames that will suit your style and budget.

A Children’s Portrait is never a straightforward photograph to take, the hair may be messy, the clothes may be out of place but the important part of each session from the photographer’s viewpoint  is to create a great sense of fun for the participants and to capture the perfect moment when it all comes together. We want to try to be as imaginative as the children are!

So when you are at a loss for something to do with your children over the summer and have seen all the films at the cinema and just don’t want to go to the park or the zoo yet again, why not consider calling us for a booking.  No matter how old or young it is about keeping the smiles big and the action fun so that we can give you the best Children’s Portrait to take home and enjoy.

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