Horsham Artists Open Studios Abstract Photography wins vote of 7 year old

We have just enjoyed the first weekend of Horsham Artists Open Studios with visitors from all over the district coming to see our Ceramic Art and Abstract Photography.   Steve Gubbins Studios was open on Saturday and Sunday as part of this yearly scheme that allows people to come and visit local artists and makers in their studios and workshops and see their artwork displayed or in progress and give them the opportunity to talk with the artists about their work.

The brochure to advertise Horsham Artists Open Studios has been out for some weeks now and has been available at outlets all around Horsham in an effort to let as many local people know as possible.  The other artists taking part are displaying in their workshops and some have taken a place at venues in and around Horsham Town Centre, all the details can still be found in the brochure and it is still available online if you cannot get hold of a copy.

Abstract Photography wins vote of 7 year old

Being able to look through the brochure and see what is on offer has been quite a hit with some of our younger critics.  One Mum has reported to me that her son, aged 7, went through and studied all the pictures in the brochures and then picked out his three favourite artworks – luckily one of our Abstract Photographs called Mountainview (featured below) was in the top three votes so we were lucky enough to warrant a visit from the whole family! It just goes to show that you can never start them too young with their appreciation of art in any form.

Abstract Photography

If you were thinking of visiting Horsham Artists Open Studios, make sure you do it this weekend; it will be your last opportunity this year so make sure you don’t leave it too late.

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