Father’s Day offer 2012

Make it an unforgettable Father’s Day on June 17th this year, instead of buying the usual Father’s Day fare for your dad of socks, soap on a rope or the silly mug with a joke present, why not try our special offer of a gift that is going to last a lifetime.  Steve Gubbins Studios have a Family Portrait session at half price for any subscribers to our newsletter as a special Father’s Day offer.  To make things more attractive we are also adding your choice of an 8″ mounted Abstract Photograph to the offer that you can select from the Art section of our website.

There are many ideas as to how Father’s day came about, some of them dating back thousands of years.  The most popular credit in modern history is given to Mrs Sonora Dodd of Washington State USA.  She was brought up along with her five siblings by her father, a civil war veteran, William Smart, who was widowed when his wife died in childbirth.  It was only when Mrs Dodd was herself an adult that she realised what a selfless act it had been for her father to bring up six children, one of them a newborn, as a single parent.  Later on US Presidents supported the idea of a national Father’s Day and in 1966 it became official when President Lyndon B Johnson signed an official proclamation setting aside the 3rd Sunday in June as Father’s Day.


Whatever your traditions or how you believe it may have come about, “Father’s Day” is now a date on our calendar every year when we can stop to think about and honour our father and celebrate his achievements as our dad.  Father’s Day happens once every year so make it a special day and sign up now for the Steve Gubbins Newsletter so that you don’t miss out on our great offer.

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