Family Portrait Session Donated to Charity Event

Family Portrait Session is a unique and worthwhile prize to win.  Steve Gubbins has a career that has spanned over 30 years and is the holder of two European Kodak Gold Awards for his Family Portraiture.  At Steve Gubbins Studios it is not only the photograph that is important, it is also creating a fun experience that the whole family can enjoy, and then the professional permanence of the images that are produced for you to take home and enjoy for years to come.

Kodak Gold Awards

Steve Gubbins Studios has once again donated two prizes of a Family Portrait session and a Makeover and Style session, both prizes to include a Wall Portrait, when the Bletchingley Golf Club held a Captains Charity Invitation day on Saturday 9th June to raise funds for Help for Hero’s.

Help for Hero’s is a charity that supports returned service men and women in any of the three armed services who have been wounded in the service of their country.  The funds they raise are used for a variety of purposes centred on providing aid that will help in supporting their recovery.  This incredible organisation has already raised an over £100 million in less than 4 years.  All the funds raised are going straight to helping those who need it most and any administrative costs have been met by selling merchandise.  One of the most impressive achievements they have made so far is to build a Rehabilitation Complex called Headley Court situated in Surrey that was opened in June 2010 by Prince William.

Steve Gubbins Charity Work

Steve Gubbins has strong emotions when it comes to raising charity funds having himself survived cancer of the kidney.  He has set himself a personal goal to raise £200,000 for charity and has donated many prizes of Family Portrait Sessions and Makeover Sessions to a variety of organisations such as the Children’s Trust, Outreach 3 Way, The National Autistic Society and St Catherine’s Hospice.


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