Ceramic Art at Steve Gubbins Studios

What is Ceramic Art?  When you use the word “Ceramic” some people think of bath tiles while others imagine it is just another form of pottery.  Ceramic Art however is another medium where an artist will construct objects in clay, porcelain or other natural materials to create items that can range from the purely functional to the outrageously decorative.

Ceramic Art is made with materials that have been in use for thousands of years and has an incredibly long history.   Examples of ancient ceramic art have been found all over the world in China, Korea, Japan, the Mediterranean and many parts of the Americas. In many cases archaeologists have found complete pieces of statues, figurines or the more easily recognisable jugs and jars, but in many cases they find nothing more than a shard that offers a tempting insight into a time long ago.

Today, an artist who is working with ceramics will create a model and apply the same methods used thousands of years ago for embellishing and glazing a piece before it is fired in a kiln.  The firing process will harden and strengthen the work and will set the colour that was applied when the piece was glazed.

Steve Gubbins Studios


Steve Gubbins has been working with porcelain over the last few years and has been experimenting with different glazing methods.  He has slowly been building a reputation for producing some exquisite work.  All of his work is carefully hand-made and a some examples of his work can be seen on the Art section of his website.

Steve Gubbins Studios will be showcasing the full collection of original Ceramic Art that has been produced at the upcoming Horsham Artists Open Studios in June.  Why not take the opportunity to come along and see some exciting modern examples of this ancient artform.


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