Reasons to Give a Family Portrait as a Gift

130A high quality, professional family portrait is a beautiful gift idea because it is memorable and irreplaceable. Whether it is given to grandparents, cousins, aunts or uncles or any other relative, professional photographs have value. Giving a family portrait sends a message that this present was not simply picked up last minute and given out of obligation. It says that the giver truly cares about the recipient.

Three reasons why a family portrait makes a great gift:

  1. A gift says a great deal about both the giver and the recipient. This is why thought and time should be placed into any present, whatever the occasion. A family portrait makes a perfect gift for a relative because it is specific, thoughtful and unique. It is a chance to give a gift that will not be exchanged, returned or left at the back of a cupboard, but will instead be treasured for many years.
  2. In an attempt to avoid the unfeeling or empty nature of too many presents, some choose to give expensive electronics or jewellery, trying to capture some meaning simply by spending more money. Instead of a mass-produced gift, giving a family portrait shows that you cared enough about the person you give it to that you did not simply use the price tag as a gift-giving shortcut, but rather that you put real thought and effort into the gift.
  3. Finally, giving a high quality photograph also allow families to keep up with distant relatives with whom relationships, for whatever reason, may have cooled. In some cases, it can be difficult to open up lines of communication, especially if they have been closed for a long period of time, whether due to hurt feelings or simply time and distance. The gift of a professional family portrait can be a perfect way to spark conversation and communication among loved ones.

Here at Steve Gubbins Studios we make sure that all our family portraits could become perfect gifts too. Find out more about the portrait experience.

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